Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mint Cleaner battery charging issue

Mint Cleaner battery charging issue:

After several weeks of testing, I realised that this is a battery charging issue and is not due to the cradle charger as shown in the video. I had left Mint Cleaner turned off for too long and the battery has discharged itself too much. When you tries to charge it back, it will sound out the alarm after several mins of charging. 

To reset this battery charging issue, you simply have to press and hold on the "On/Off" button and then press both the "Sweep" and "Mop" button at the same time. 

Mint Cleaner will stop the alarm and continue to charge as per normal. If the alarm continues to sound again after several minutes, perform the same battery reset procedure again. I have to perform this battery reset procedure for 4 times before my Mint Cleaner decides to quiet down and now it is happily sitting on the floor with its ever cheery blue light waiting for his master's command.



  1. I am having the same problem on my Mint as per your video. I have been using the cradle to charge since I own it in about October 2012, no such problem until now. When this happen the first time , I tried charging without using the cradle, everything seems fine. After that, charge using cradle again, the same problem happened. So i conclude that it only happens when I charge using cradle. I stumble upon your blog google this problem. May I know how do you learn to reset the brttery? My email: wee.jin@yahoo.com

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  3. Thanks for posting this! I had the same problem with my Mint Plus and had no idea what to do with it. Bought a new battery to replace the existing one as I thought it was a battery problem (which I had only used infrequently for less than a year) but the problem persisted. Just tried your method and my Mint has quietened down and is now charging silently by the side (without using the cradle). Next I will try charging it with the cradle and hopefully the problem won't come visiting again!

  4. charging the mint with cradle has a different circuitry. It draws higher current to speed up the charging time. we measure off load 11.9VDC. when it is on load with the cradle, the voltage drops to 11.3 VDC. the protection circuitry closes the charging. the light turns red to blue.
    the voltage goes back to 11.9 VDC. It charges again.
    That is why it go in and out with beeping noise.
    It is a circuit design problem.

  5. hi, i have the exact same problem. i bought a new battery and it was fine for a while but now the problem is back! i tried to reset as per your instructions, but the silly machine still kept beeping and driving me nuts. do you have the mint cleaner plugged in when you do the reset? and also, how long do you hold the mop and sweep button? hope you will be able to help! thanks!

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  7. Thanks for posting this. It was irritating me and was searching for battery pack. this solved the issue.

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  9. I've tried "resetting" the battery several times, it hasn't worked. I'm not inclined to buy a new battery only to find out it's the mint that stopped working. Any suggestions? This is an expensive piece of merchandise for it to have these problems.